Microsoft reveals its new Surface tablets

Microsoft showed off its next generation Surface tablet on Monday at an event in New York City.

Both tablets are slated to go on sale October 22 and will be available in 22 initial markets. The devices will be sold at Microsoft retail stores, on the company's website and at other third-party retailers.

The new Surface Pro 2 is lighter and thinner and features 75 percent longer battery life. It is 95 percent faster than all laptops on the market, the company said. It also comes in a new silver color and features a new dual-angle kickstand option. The new device will begin pricing at $899.

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Upgrades in the Surface 2, which is the second generation Surface RT, include a 25 percent increase in battery life, a new processor and a new silver magnesium case, which gives the device a new look. Like the Surface Pro 2, it also includes a dual-angle kickstand.

The Surface 2 is going to market cheaper than its predecessor, starting at about $449. The Surface RT hit the market at $499 when it was released.

The tech giant also revealed some new accessories for the devices, one of which is a cover that also functions as a power source. The new cover extends the battery life, while also functioning as an attachable keyboard.

It also revealed a docking station that can click in with a display port and can power two monitors at the same time.

The docking station has been expected for some time and is aimed at appealing to the enterprise customer. The new accessory, though, is only compatible with the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablets.

Microsoft also tried to appeal to non-enterprise consumers by emphasizing the size of its app store.

"Last year we launched this product with 10,000 apps. This year I stand up in front of you and there's 100,000 apps in the Windows Store right now. That's critical," said Panos Panay, who leads Microsoft's Surface team, at the event.

It's also worth noting that Microsoft's logo is not featured on the new tablets, instead it simply says "Surface" on the back.

-By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson .

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