Death, Taxes, and Aging

Old Couple Kianee

The amazing collection of doctors assembled at Kensington’s Town Hall for the Anti-Aging Conference were not actually anti-aging. They were in favour of aging, they just want us to do it well.

If you’ve read until here, well done, and I have good news for you: it is truly amazing what is in store for us. So do not fear, things will get better – in this article and in your future. There is hope.

There were talks about ways to use nutrition to keep up your energy with better supplementation, and better cancer care with better diagnostics. All we need is better funding for this research and we all have a good chance of aging like those renowned Okinawa supercentenarians – the ones who are 120-years-old and behave as if they were 90. So superimpose that on half that age and feel how exiting that is. Yes, smart pills, but so smart they don’t mess with your brain!

Simple but effective ways like Dr Gary Samuelson suggests with Redox (trade name ASEA), the now wildly popular Zone Diet prophet Dr Barry Sears and his Mega Omega 3 approach, and healthy ageing with melatonin (also an aid for jet lag) from Dr Walter Pierpaoli.

And there were the shockingly brave, too: Professor Shimon Slaving who claims he has proved he can cure cancer if he can treat it early, Professor Sidney Bush, whose CardioRetinometry could do away with statins. Mindboggling, breath-taking stuff. What if all of this is just round the corner?

There were also developments of familiar things, but with even more potential: Pulse electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) sounded like your run-of-the-mill physio treatment with ultrasound, but came in such a creative shape that it could be wound around your elbow or your neck, and the pain would vanish. (I can testify to that.) It sounds strange, but I won’t try to argue with 2000 research papers. Dr Garry Gordon's life work seems done.

Nutritional support was the other leitmotif. Maybe I’m easily influenced, but the Redox formula Dr. Samuelson talked about came in a tiny jar and it seemed to instantly buoy me up at the end of a long conference day, without any later 'downs'. Another highly effective and very high-tech supplement was offered by a German Group called MegaNFC. We’re talking Nano Future here, not Nano Pricing. But what price healthy aging?

For all mega travellers, I think the melatonin approach offers a double whammy, it helps with jetlag and good aging. Just make sure you get time-release melatonin.

One suggesting kept coming up with all of the presenters, and you can start doing this today: Do aerobic exercise three times a week for 30 minutes, and you’ll be smiling. Most conference participants were smiling during our breaks. Why? The conference organisers, HB Health of The World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine had organised 'delicious fruit breaks', or berries on cocktail sticks. Alongside green tea, it was an excellent way to get the information out.

Obviously, information is key here, and I found Deirdre Morrin of ASEA very clear and helpful, so if you have questions, drop her a line at