Top four Quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft: Cleveland and Jacksonville pay attention!

These are the guys are tipped as the top college QBs ahead of next year's draft, who both the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars will almost certainly be looking out for.

Obviously the 2014 draft is not starting until May 8th, but the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cleveland Browns are already fighting their own race to see who is the worst team in the NFL and who gets rewarded with the first overall pick.

In relation to that, the 2014 QB draft class looks like one of the best and deepest one in years. A very good reason to take a closer look at the top prospects.

4) Johnny Manziel (college: Texas A&M)

“Johnny Football” is the nickname, which was given him by fans, and he became the first to win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman. His performance on the field has been outstanding thus far.

But he has off-the-field issues, which should scare away potential NFL teams and rightly so. He abruptly left the Manning Passing Academy, a well-respected training camp for youngsters, where he voluntarily served as quarterbacks coach. Just to name one incident, and to name another - his on field gestures said to be disrespectful to the opposition have also landed him in hot water.

3) Marcus Mariota (Oregon)

Mariota puts up ridiculous numbers this college season with 456 yards in last weekend’s win over Tennessee – that happened without a single interception.

He definitively has risen in a lot of scout’s draft boards. He also seems like a nice, humble guy who is capable of leading a NFL-franchise.

The only question would be: Will his performance stay consistent this season?

2) Tajh Boyd (Clemson)

Maybe the only prospect alongside Mariota who has the body to be a mobile quarterback in the NFL.

Injuries are a huge factor when teams have a multi-million dollar investment running through tackles and mobile quarterbacks like Washington’s Robert Griffin III and Philadelphia’s Michael Vick tend to get hurt.

In addition to this, some are reporting: “His downfield passing ability is arguably the best in all of college football.”

1) Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville)

He is very high on every scout’s list to say the least.

Some reports are going head over heels with praises and flattering comparisons, although there is one major concern: His school doesn’t face great competition due to their weak conference. Therefore his skills aren’t tested weekly against elite college defenses. That makes it harder to evaluate him.

But on the flip side: He has the arm strength to throw every ball downfield and the accuracy to put it in tight windows. Bridgewater could be the first overall pick. But which team will it be?

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