A trade that could shape the Cleveland Browns' future success

Last night saw a blockbuster trade take place in the NFL, a trade that could define two teams’ futures.

The Cleveland Browns traded their third overall pick from 2012, running back Trent Richardson; to the Indianapolis Colts for a first round draft pick in next springs draft.

The Browns are not the worst team in the NFL, that honour would go to Jacksonville, but they are looking to become that in order to build for the future. The two teams meet in Week 13.

We’ve seen a number of teams do this over the past few seasons, the Colts themselves took part in what was dubbed the ‘Suck for Luck’ which was a race to see who could hold the worst overall record in order to pick Andrew Luck with the first pick in the 2012 draft.

Fans and critics might say that the Browns are giving up on this season on September but what they are really doing is setting themselves up to become a better team in the future.

They will now have two picks in the first three rounds of the draft next May. This will allow them to stockpile talent, if of course they select the right players and they also have a great chance to hold the first overall pick.

The plan for this would have to be a quarterback and this years draft is looking include a strong field of QBs, Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville looks to be at the head of that class and could be a franchise quarterback for the future.

A lot of people were criticising the Browns for giving up their best player but as one NFL expert put it, giving up a player that was projected to have 900 rushing yards this season for a first round pick is a great bit of business.

Cleveland are in a position now where they can add a offensive and defensive playmaker as well as a QB if these all go well then the Browns could turn into a very good team very soon.

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