Are UK fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers ready for disappointment?

The Wembley bound Pittsburgh Steelers have had a terrible start to the season, they sit at 0-2 and there are no real signs of life in the team.

A combination of injuries and off-season departures have left the Steelers devoid of veteran talent, this is a recipe for disaster in the AFC North where the games are often physical encounters.

Pittsburgh is a by word for consistency and success throughout the franchises’ history. You only win six Super Bowl by demanding success on the field, this is what coaches, players and fans all do every year.

They have been to three Super Bowls, winning two, in the last 7 years. But it seems at the moment teams around them are catching them up and even their hated rivals the Ravens won it all last year.

While other teams are innovating with new styles of offense look at the 49ers and the Eagles as two great examples, the Steelers are sticking to what they have done for over 60 years since they were formed; ground and pound.

The trouble is that this strategy is not working at the moment. Pittsburgh’s running managed just 47 yards on 16 carries in last night’s loss to the Bengals and in week 1 against the Titans an even less with 31 yards on 15 carries.

For a team that prides itself with its run game will have to show some serious improvement if they want to salvage something from this season.

Their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, has been one bright point so far if you can even call it that but he cannot do it all on his own. Much of Big Ben’s success comes off the back of a strong running game, it opens up his options in the passing side of things.

The loss of centre Maurkice Pouncey for the season has dealt a big blow to the whole offense. Pouncey tore is ACL in week 1 and was a big part of their running success.

It is a possibility that we could see two winless teams step out onto the Wembley pitch in just under two weeks time. The Steelers face the Bears whilst Minnesota take on Cleveland, both teams will want to get a win under their before they make the journey to London.

image: © jimmybyrum