Bankers secretly use cosmetic surgery to boost job prospects

Has it really come to this ?

A new self-inflicted facial disfigurement is causing problems among celebrities of a certain age. Known as 'bitchy resting face', (BRF) it refers to the off-putting air of a sullen face in repose.

eFinancial careers reports that cosmetic surgeons tell us that bankers are afflicted by the same sort thing, except their resting faces are more often stressy than bitchy.

That’s a problem: stressy resting faces do nothing for a banker’s employability.

Douglas has developed a reputation for treating male financiers. In the past 12 months, he said he’s treated 40-50 men working in investment banks and hedge funds across London. They’re mostly aged 40-50, said Douglas: 'People tell me that they need to have something done just to keep their jobs'.

There are no documented histories of named bankers having plastic surgery, and Douglas said most of his clients are very discreet about their procedures and would never speak to the press.

However, one 50-something senior female banker famously divulged her love of cosmetic procedures to Oprah in 2011, declaring that, 'Having a killer body gave me a kind of confidence I’d never had'. Less dramatically, Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta-Orsorio is thought to have dyed his hair, as did Bob Diamond (seemingly) while he was chief executive of Barclays.

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