Philadelphia Eagles set early pace but can they sustain it?

If you managed to catch Monday Night Football this week that saw the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Washington Redskins you would have seen one of the spectacles of the first week of the season.

The Eagles were amazing to watch, if you managed to keep up that is! New coach Chip Kelly was famous in his college career with Oregon for running a high tempo offense, one that would churn out at least four plays a minute, which is some way quicker than the NFL average.

Kelly never had star players at QB or RB but used the tempo to wear out opposition defences makng it easier for his teams to create scoring opportunities. After the first quarter in the game the Redskins defence was on its knees having been on the field for most of the quarter.

Having weapons such as Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy means that the Eagles can hurt you in so many ways, this puts the defence on the back foot from the start, giving the Eagles a huge advantage right from the kickoff.

If they can sustain this pace over the course of the season then they can really damage teams and make it far in the playoffs.

There’s no doubt that the roster has the talent to compete, the question in past years when they have failed to reach their potential is whether they have the team unity to succeed. A new coaching staff may be the fresh start they need.

To be able to run Chip Kelly’s offense effectively you have to have a group of players in great shape. The problem hear lies in the offensive line, often the biggest guys on any team.

They will be expected to play at a high level of intensity for the whole game; there might come a time that they cannot sustain it. Kelly and his Eagles staff must have been working hard on player fitness throughout the off-season.

Whatever happens in the rest of the season it will be fun to watch this Eagles team develop under new coaching and you never know where they might end up, New York maybe?

image: © sydneyduhh