Can Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson break all-time NFL records?

In week 1 of the NFL we saw some incredible offensive performances, Quarterbacks and running backs were putting up eye-catching numbers in almost every game.

If this trend continues then we could be in for a record-breaking season.

In the past few seasons some of the most revered NFL single season records have been smashed, Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s 27-year-old passing yards record in 2011.

This was a statistic that many thought would never be broken, in fact Tom Brady went past Marino’s mark in the same season. The same Brady hit the 50 touchdown pass mark, overhauling Peyton Manning’s 49 only a few season earlier.

In the 2012 season Detroit’s Calvin Johnson amassed more receiving yards than anyone in history, he broke the great Jerry Rice’s record from 1995. Years go by and records keep tumbling, at one time 2,000 yards rushing or receiving was an impossible dream but now both are quite possible.

This leaves us with only a few records left to be broken the one that stands out most is Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record set at 2,105 yards. Adrian Peterson nearly broke that record that has stood for nearly 30 years, 8 yards separated him from history.

If there is any running back that could break that record it would be Peterson, he didn’t manage to get a hundred yard performance in week 1 but I’m sure that the yards will pile up over the coming months.

One record that might never be broken is the 1972 Miami Dolphin’s perfect season. A 14-0 record, the regular season was shorter back then, and a place in NFL history. The Patriots came close in 2007 but it would be an extraordinary effort for anyone to get close this year.

Whatever happens the 2013 NFL season is sure to be a thrilling ride, you can expect to sit back and watch history being made.

images: © Matt McGee, © johntrainor