Childbirth and The Big O

Baby Gurhan Yildirim

O, no, we're not kidding. Apparently, 1 in 3-0-0 women experience something akin to one during childbirth. That's right. Not during conception, but during delivery.

For the 299 others, the treat comes when the baby is out (finally!), and any one that may have accompanied conception has long faded. But for that lone woman, there's a little perk along the way.

A French study queried 956 midwives who had assisted in 206,000 births. Their study found that:

  1. 668 women had felt 'orgasmic sensations'
  2. 868 women exhibited signs of pleasure
  3. 9 women reported full-blown orgasms

Evolution, are you considering this? On behalf of the generations of women to come, would you please speed this one up?