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It’s that time of year again!

That time when you notice that it’s starting to get that little bit nippier outside and are forced to accept that wardrobe just isn’t built to cope with this sudden change in the weather. For many a fashion fanatic, the arrival of autumn is synonymous with one thing and one thing only; a wardrobe revamp! So trade in your skimpy summer wear for the five following investment pieces. They certainly won’t leave you out in the cold!

Biker Boots

Sadly, sandals, pumps and other such flimsy footwear just won’t cut it anymore! Sensible shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry are the order of the day. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to sacrifice your style however. Typically made out of leather, biker boots are the ultimate autumn essential. They’re a sturdy and hard-wearing shoe with a grungy and glamorous edge. So whether you’re trudging around the city or dancing the night away at a gig, not only will you look the part in a pair of biker boots, you can rest assured that your feet will remain blister-free!

Leather Jacket

As the nights begin to draw in, a jacket is guaranteed to become your best friend when venturing out for the evening. Nevertheless, every savvy sartorialist knows that an evening jacket must fulfil three important criteria. It must be light-weight, relatively warm and most importantly on-trend. Taking these factors into consideration, there’s one particular style of jacket that immediately springs to mind; the leather jacket. Whilst a jacket made from genuine leather may set you back a pretty penny, there’s a variety of convincing ‘pleather’ jackets out there for all you shoppers on a budget.

Autumn Investment Pieces


Fed up of wearing the same old little black dress for each and every event in your social calendar? A jumpsuit is the perfect alternative, particularly during chillier, autumnal months. Jazz up your all-in-one with some statement jewellery, throw on a pair of killer hills and you’re good to go! Running short of outfits for the office? A jumpsuit will also be a welcome addition to your work wear collection.

Coloured Jeans

Just because the weather has become dreary outside, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to follow suit! Pair up your neutral sweaters with a pair of coloured jeans to give your outfit a bit of extra warmth. We’re not suggesting you go garish however! Rusty reds and bottle greens are classic and understated shades that will blend in with autumnal outdoor tones.

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Leather Gloves

Although it may not be quite cold enough to don a pair of woolly mittens, there’s a solution for those of you whose fingers are feeling the chill. Leather gloves are practical yet elegant and are guaranteed to keep your hands feeling warm and snug when the temperature starts to plummet. From a simple and plain to those adorned with studs, buckles or bows, there’s a pair of leather gloves to suit the style and preferences of every fashion-conscious female.

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