Twitter rolls out 'report abuse' button for individual tweets: Will you use it ?

Twitter users will now be able to report individual tweets for abuse or spam in an attempt to clamp down on online harassment.

The microblogging service has extend the functionality for Android and users of ahead of schedule, announcing the update on the Twitter blog, and the move was heralded by recent victims of online attacks including Caroline Criado Perez who was subject to rape and bomb threats.This follows a move to crack down on abusive behaviour – earlier this month Twitter also updated its rules and said extra moderation staff had been put in place to handle abuse reports. The ability to report individual tweets has already been made available for iPhone users.

Guardian readers have also been making other suggestions for potential solutions to online trolling and threats of violence on the social network including increased moderation, higher barriers for entry and a paid-for filtering service.


It is also a very easy, quick anonymous broadcasting medium. The morons posting these vile tweets could instead cold call women from a landline and hide their number so they couldn't be traced but that involves a much higher degree of hassle than a quick comment bashed out on their mobile phones.
Increase the barriers to making these types of comments and the number of such comments will fall.


A possibility is a paid filtering service. Why should you have to pay to protect yourself from trolls? For the same reasons that you pay for anti-virus software and burglar alarms. The point of an open platform is that its open, and such a filtering service might just be the price to pay.


I think if you can build in some form of delay in posting on Twitter from suspect accounts it might help. A lot of it has to do with instant gratification and if you disrupt that you will annoy the troll. Also build in a delay when someone suspect tries to create a new account. You could delay a confirmation email by five minutes. There little lizard brains have forgotten what they were about to do by then.

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How about three strikes and you're out? If three, or five or however many, people whom you have directly messaged report you as abusive, you are automatically put into "protected tweet" mode for a cooling off period.

You could make all the protected tweeters visible to each other, as well as their followers. It could be their own horrible, shouty, nasty corner of the internet.

Will you be using the new in-tweet "report abuse" button? Do you think it will work? If not what other measures would you like to see Twitter bring in or have you seen used on other social sites which you think could help curb online abuse? Tell us in a comment below and also leave your thoughts on potential technical solutions to help highlight and stamp out online abuse.

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