Sony: PS3 should have done better in UK

PS4 Collection

Executive says the console's late arrival allowed the Xbox 360 to gain an early lead.

While Sony's pleased with the performance of the PlayStation 3 overall it believes the console should have done better in the UK, commented the region's managing director Fergal Gara.

Speaking with, Gara responded to ongoing reports that Microsoft's harware was outselling Sony's until very recently, by saying that the PS3 arrived on the scene a bit too late.

“Let's not forget that PS3 launched a long time after Xbox 360 and didn't do quite as well as it should have done. But from being so far behind on timing and on pricing it's delivered quite respectably despite all of that,” he explained.

However, the company bigwig said he wasn't deterred and that continued software support and the hype around the upcoming PlayStation 4 could continue to boost PS3 sales figured.

Gara concluded: “We're very satisfied that we're doing very, very well right now, but we're also not getting carried away with ourselves, not getting in any way over-excited. It is a several year project. It doesn't start and finish on November 29. That's an important date but it is the start date.”

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