Nintendo US president unimpressed by PS4 or Xbox One

Nintendo Wii U Launch

Reggie Fils-Aime says the battle will be fought and won on software.

Nintendo's US president has dismissed the launch title line ups of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One describing his reaction as “meh”, saying the Wii U offers a stronger roster of software.

Despite the lacklustre sales of the Nintendo's Wii U, US boss Reggie Fils-Aime said the home console could stand toe-to-toe with Microsoft's and Sony's next-gen devices on the quality of its titles.

“It's all about the games. The competitive systems have announced their launch line-ups. I'm allowed to say 'Meh',” Fils-Aime commented during an interview with IGN.

“I look at our line-up of titles and I feel good about our line-up. We've got Zelda. We've got Mario. We've got Donkey Kong. In addition to great titles like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, I feel very good about our line-up, and I feel very good about the value proposition we're putting out there for the consumer.

During the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo came under fire for failing to support the device with suitably strong titles.

The company is currently in the process of supporting its staggering console and 3DS hand-held device with a spate of new high-profile releases.


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