PICTURE: Joe Flacco banner outside Denver Broncos stadium causes outrage

A poster of the Baltimore Ravens quarterback is causing a little bit of upset in Denver.

A Joe Flacco banner would never be hung outside the Pittsburgh Steelers' stadium, right?

So why should Denver be any different?

Broncos fans are upset about a giant poster being hung from Mile High Stadium in Denver, ahead of the NFL season opener when reigning Superbowl champions the Baltimore Ravens come to visit.

Supporters wouldn't be so annoyed, if it had not been for Flacco's performance in a 38-35 double overtime victory to win them the playoff game back in January, ending the Broncos' season.

Even Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has weighed into the debate, saying: "It doesn't seem to make much sense that the Denver Broncos have to have an opposing player on their stadium."

The posters have been put up by the NFL to mark the league beginning, and several other posters of Flacco have been hung around Denver - With many being defaced.

The issue never usually arises, because the defending champions play at home in their first game - and such artwork causes no fuss. But the Ravens have been forced to play on the road because baseball team the Baltimore Orioles play in the city on the same night.

Check out the poster below: