NFL pre-season Quarterback battles - What do we now know?

This NFL pre-season has been full of storylines and drama, mostly from the New York Jets. This time of year is usually quite quiet with nothing much happening and teams keeping their cards close to their chest as the season comes into view.

A number of QB battles were decided over the last week, most notably in Philadelphia where everyone expected Michael Vick to claim the starting spot and he obliged by outperforming his rival Nick Foles.

Meanwhile the very same decision is hanging over the New York Jets where Head Coach Rex Ryan has to choose between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith.

Neither player has really excelled in their three-preseason games but there was no pressure on Smith, as a rookie he wasn’t expected to start in week 1.

Mark Sanchez on the other hand, who is entering his 5th year, should have nailed down the position but he hasn’t progressed, as a good quarterback should.

The pre-season was never going to tell us much about which side will go all the way to glory in February but it has told us what we already know, the Jacksonville Jaguars will not be very good this year and if Washington get RGIII back for the start of the season they could be dangerous in the months ahead.

It’s been an exciting pre-season but not for the reasons on the field, thankfully it starts for real next Thursday and then all the talk will be focused on what is happening on Sunday nights for the next 20 weeks. Football is nearly back and the talking can finally stop. Or restart with added focus.

image: © vtravelled