Rex Ryan shows the NFL is the home of the coaches meltdown

There's something incredibly entertaining watching a sports coach have a meltdown after a bad result.

The media is everywhere in the NFL and they catch players and coaches alike after the game when emotions are still running high from the game that has just taken place. We’ve seen in the Premier League that managers can make heat of the moment comments that they will later regret.

The most recent is Rex Ryan, the New York Jets head coach, who got angry after questions from reporters were challenging his decision to play Mark Sanchez so late in their Preseason win against city rivals the Giants. You can see his rant in the video below.

There have been many examples over the years in the NFL, Herman Edwards’ ‘You play to win’ rant; there was Jim Mora’s ‘Playoffs’ speech that is now part of NFL history and then Cardinal's coach Denis Green losing his cool after a loss to the Bears, all equally brilliant to watch.

It’s always entertaining to watch coaches, who are so professional and guarded prior to a game, let off steam after the game in front of the media who would be rubbing their hands together at the thought of the back page headlines they can create.

We’ve put together some of the finest meltdowns for you to enjoy, for those new to the NFL think Keegan’s ‘I would love it’ rant but on a much more regular basis.

images: © PDA.POTO, © zennie62