Lawrence Okoye hopes to join Menelik Watson in charge of the NFL Brits

There is a big day ahead for San Francisco 49er Lawrence Okoye, formerly a Great Britain Olympic athlete at the 2012 games.

As we move towards the start of the 2013 NFL season there is a day that players and teams do not look forward to, the day when NFL rosters have to be cut down to 75 players.

This can be hard for both parties because for the management of the team it is a hard decision to make and for the player it could mean the end of their NFL dream. Those players have worked all of their lives to train and prepare for this moment, giving all they over the last few months in training camp and in the preseason games.

It is a big day for Briton Lawrence Okoye as he hopes to avoid being cut by the San Francisco 49ers, this time last year he was competing in the Olympic discus competition at the London games and now he is fighting for a place on an NFL roster.

Every one of his competitors has had a head start on him as it took time for him to adjust to a completely new sport, the playbooks and the techniques of the sport do not come over night.

It can be a damaging moment for many young players but unlike football in our country the majority of these players that will be cut today hold University degrees. This may be little consolation for someone who has put his whole life into becoming a professional NFL player.

Lets hope by this time tomorrow that there will be another Brit in the NFL for the coming season, if he does make it the story will be incredible and amazing that someone with no football background can make it to the NFL.

Menelik Watson, another Brit, was drafted in the second round by the Oakland Raiders at left tackle, after a limited college career having made a switch from basketball where he was once trained by Chicago Bulls star Luol Deng.

The rosters stand at 75 after today until they are finally cut down to a 53 man roster before the season begins next Thursday night when the defending Champion Baltimore Ravens take on the Denver Broncos.

image: © Amy Meredith