Vick wins Eagles starting job as injuries pile up

Preseason is only at the half way stage but we have more storylines to talk about than any other August in recent seasons.

Suspensions and injuries have plagued the first two weeks of the schedule, lots of teams have had to throw away their plans for the season as injuries have taken there toll on rosters across the league.

Firstly Dustin Keller suffered a horrific knee injury in the Dolphins game at Houston, Keller had caught the ball ready to turn up field and gain some yards when a defender tackled him on his knee, his leg buckled under him and you knew it was serious straight away.

After scans it was revealed that he had torn three ligaments in his knee (ACL, MCL and PCL) as well as dislocating the joint, his season was over before it had even started. Meanwhile over in Washington backup quarterback Kirk Cousins suffered a sprained foot, the team already has doubts over the fitness of Robert Griffin III after a serious knee injury last year, and so this is not ideal at just over two weeks to the new season.

In other news Michael Vick has claimed the starting quarterbacks job for the Philadelphia Eagles after a second impressive display in preseason. There was no doubt about it that he outperformed his fellow QB Nick Foles and it didn’t take long for new coach Chip Kelly to put his faith in Vick.

The Cleveland Browns have decided to start Brandon Weeden at quarterback; he led them to a 5-11 record in his rookie season last year. This leaves only one QB decision to be made, the New York Jets, will it be Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith? The next two games will tell us this, trust the Jets to be left to last and to have the attention of the entire media.

image: © yourdon