Steve Jobs biopic flops in US box-office launch

Steve Jobs From Apple Com

Film about the life of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, flops on release in the US

In polar opposite to his many creations the biopic of Steve Jobs has been deemed something of a flop after a poor showing in the weekend box offices led to a string of stinging reviews.

The film which looks at the life of Apple founder and technology whizz, Jobs, opened in the US this weekend and took a very modest $6.7million (£4.3m) as fans largely stayed away.

Ashton Kutcher, who plays the lead role was praised for the way he took up much of Jobs' lifestyle including his diet,in preparation, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, was less than impressed with the film, leaving a review on the technology website Gizmodo, saying: 'the acting was good throughout, but I wouldn't recommend it.'

Movie review website,, scrutinised the film and gave it a rating of just 26% while the Wall Street Journal criticised the script, saying that it ended long before either his courageous battle with illness or his greatest days as a pioneer of the technology world, missing out creations such as the iPad and MacBook.

The film opens in the UK shortly.