History in Colour

'Old Gold' Country Store 1939 Photojacker

It's hard to believe these historic photos could look any other way.

Until you see the black and white versions, of course.

These images were coloured by members of reddit's Colorized History, and Bored Panda put 20 of them together in this photo gallery.

As Bored Panda tells us: 'Even though the idea looks simple, the final image has a surprisingly touching effect: by seeing those historic moments in color, we can relate to them easier, and this makes the pictures a whole lot more powerful. Instead of seeing those photos like we’re used to in history books, we now meet people that seem a lot more real, and situations – war scenes, for example – that look as if they have just happened.'

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these are worth at least 10K.

'Old Gold' Country Store 1939 Photojacker

Abandoned Boy Holding Stuffed Toy, London 1945 HansLucifer

Auto Wreck In Washington, DC, 1921 Sanna Dulloway