Minecraft virtuoso releases free FPS 'Shambles'


The kill simulator that asks "Is shooting someone okay if you REALLY want their gun?"

Markus “Notch” Persson, the developer behind the hit indie title Minecraft, has contributed to the 7DFPS gamejam – an event that encouraged game designers the world over to create a game in only seven days – with the retro-styled Shambles, a simplistic yet addictive Doom style FPS.

Shambles' simple concept involves moving through a night time city in the throes of a zombie outbreak; as civilians panic and gung-ho soldiers attempt to end the epidemic with a heavy dose of gunfire, you're tasked to survive as long as possible while racking up your score.

Zombies attack on sight, and as they devour soldiers and civilians alike the infection spreads. Killing zombies rewards you with yellow orbs that add to your score, and infected soldiers drop weapons and ammunition that increase your carnage spewing potential.

However, replenishing health requires murdering civilians (who drop health packs) a decision that turns friendly soldiers hostile (executing them to steal their weapons does the same). Will you blast indiscriminately as you selfishly scrap for survival, or cling to your humanity and carefully pick your targets amongst the escalating chaos?

With the only rule listed as “Make something”, the event - with its plea for designers to “help keep first person shooters interesting" - ran from 10th to 11th of August, and inspired creations that ranged in style from Quake style corridor blasters and multiplayer frag-fests, to a Where's Wally style sniping puzzle and even a public rest room exploration sim.

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