Xbox to bring back sci-fi classic Blake's 7

Blake's 7

Microsoft has agreed to finance a remake of the BBC cult classic.

Microsoft will finance the remake of BBC's sci-fi classic Blake's 7 as part of its drive to generate original TV and film content for its upcoming Xbox One console.

According to a report by the Financial Times, sources “familiar with the situation” say the series will be redeveloped for modern audiences by London-based film and TV company Motion Picture Capital and will be helmed by Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.

The move, as yet unconfirmed by Microsoft, would see software giant and console maker move closer to aping the successes of internet streaming company Netflix, which started creating its own unique content with Kevin Spacey's House of Cards and the revived Arrested Development.

Microsoft has already secured a Steven Spielberg backed live-action series of its iconic Halo franchise, which will be screened over the Xbox Live platform.

The Xbox One has been billed as an entertainment system rather than a gaming machine, with the unveiling ceremony focusing much on TV functionality and NFL integration, the latter of which reportedly cost Microsoft $400 million.

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