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What was FIFA's thought process over Qatar 2022?

Greg Dyke said that Qatar's 2022 World Cup would have to be hosted in Winter, Qatar claim they're ready to host it in Summer, just how will this all end up?

Ever since Sepp Blatter became president of FIFA – the world’s governing body for football, there has been an emphasis on taking the World Cup to new parts of the world, including rotation between continents.

When he assumed office in 1998, France were hosting the World Cup, since then Japan and South Korea jointly hosted the tournament in 2002, Germany in 2006, before the first World Cup in Africa in 2010 in South Africa.

Future tournaments have been penned in for Brazil in 2014 and Russia in 2018 – but the real problem seems to be 2022 in Qatar.

Every other country who has hosted the World Cup seems to be to host the competition in the Summer time, but Qatar’s boiling heat is a major issue.

The thing is, did FIFA did even consider this at the time? Have plans been drawn up to move certain leagues to the Summer time to accommodate a winter world cup?

All sorts of ideas have been explored by the looks of things, including air-conditioned stadia (which don’t appear to have undergone any significant testing), and claims that games could be played in half-hour thirds – though this could be cynically suggested as a way to try and bring in extra advertising revenue, something FIFA have strenuously denied.

FIFA don’t seem to have thought through the process carefully enough and perhaps liked the idea of taking the World Cup to different parts of the World that one would never have expected – how many people will have expected the desert to be hosting one the most prestigious and watched sporting events on the planet?

Blatter said shortly before awarding the tournament to Qatar: “The Arabic World deserves a World Cup. They have 22 countries and have not had any opportunity to organise the tournament”

FA Chairman Greg Dyke said it should be moved to winter, but what happens to the leagues in Europe. There are leagues that will operate alongside the World Cup, and European Leagues often lose their best African players during the African Cup of Nations in January every two years – but the effect on the major European Leagues will not leave those holding the purse strings very happy.

This whole affair is about to get very messy indeed.

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