You can get a job in investment banking by standing out from the crowd

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I loved the Bloomberg video about 24 year old Michael Penn, who stood near Wall Street dispensing free coffee, donuts and his CV.

So what if the guy is an ex-chess champion, went round the globe on a ship and has several degrees ? Many people make the same kind of claims on their CVs, but the difference is the way you tell your story.

I occasionally have to look over CVs from wannabe City hopefuls, and some things stands out - no photo, and generally no sassy statement as why they want to work in the City in the first place. And after you've seen so many brilliant grades, top universities, clubs, sporting achievements and all, you start giving up the will to live. Same old, same old.

In my opinion, what youngsters need to do is to humanise their achievements in any way they can. Otherwise you're literally just more letters and numbers on a page, and most would-be employers are too lazy or cynical to look beyond what's immediately in front of them. What Michael Penn did got him out there, got him on a financial news programme where he came over really well, and it got him noticed big time. A lot of things can flow from that.

I've no doubt he'll get hired somewhere, and will do really well. Most young people like him simply have to achieve at something in the end; it's getting that first start that's the tricky bit.

I wish more graduates would employ some creative magic with their job applications. At least it would make the hiring process a whole lot more fun for the rest of us!

images: © Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

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