Diana trailer: Has the Princess of Wales been given the royal treatment?

Princess Diana

The first trailer for Diana, a biopic focused on the relationship between the princess of Wales and heart and lung surgeon Hasnat Khan, arrives swathed in respectability, promising a soft-focus love story for fans of the people's princess.

Olivier Hirschbiegel's film covers the last two years of Diana's life. We see the princess – played by Naomi Watts – pushing past paparazzi and tip-toeing through minefields in her role as a reluctant appendage to the royal family. It's duty, duty, duty until she bumps into Khan (played by Lost's Naveen Andrews) and he asks her out to the hospital canteen. From there the caged bird can sing.

Khan was the love of Diana's life, according to friends of the princess. She nicknamed the surgeon "Mr Wonderful". He testified at the inquest into Diana's death that their relationship ran for two years until 1997, in the period immediately following Diana's divorce from Prince Charles. The heir to the throne is not listed in the film's cast list, although actors playing Prince William and Prince Harry will appear. Douglas Hodge will play Diana's butler Paul Burrell. Cas Anvar is Dodi Fayed, the billionaire boyfriend who died with Diana in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997.

Diana sees Hirschbiegel a long way away from Downfall, the last days of Hitler biopic that made his name. The trailer portrays the princess in a saintly light, though it allows her a few slips in decorum to let some gentle comedy in. "I'm like most people – I've got a mobile," she tells Kahn. "Actually – I'm not like most people: I have four".

Idealised, romantic, squeaky clean. It all smacks a bit of Notting Hill via Windsor Castle. What do you think? Can Hirschbiegel and Watts give us a rounded picture of the princess? Do you want one?

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