Why the Yankees have to welcome back 'A-Rod' - Alex Rodriguez

Baseball's brightest star Alex Rodriguez faces a 211 game suspension following the biogenesis scandal but he must be supported, he is the New York Yankees only hope.

Baseball is in turmoil, its’ doorstep darkened once more by the latest steroid scandal, and at the centre of it all, 38-year-old, Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez, arguably the sport’s most famous yet most hated son.

But can the fans of America’s most played sport, and of their most famous team, forgive the man who was once thought of as a successor to the legendary Babe Ruth at the top of the class?

The New York Yankees, third baseman this week learned of a 211 games suspension which barring a successful appeal on Thursday, will see him miss every game until the end of 2014, without pay, meaning that the man who adorns the famous pinstripes so well will feel like he is in his prison stripes, separated from his two loves, the game and the fame.

Now call me cynical but I’m not sure he’ll miss the money, following deals first with the Texas Rangers, thought to be worth about $252m (£164m) in 2000 and then a $275m (£180m) ten year deal with his current club, the Yankees, and if he returns it is thought that the rest of that contract will be honoured until 2017.

The medical centre at the heart of the problem, the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic, South Florida, is thought to have supplied 13 of the leagues brightest stars, with steroids in recent seasons, meaning that the slogging stars are more powerful than ever, an attribute which has not gone unnoticed.

For me A-Rod will be welcomed back by the Yankees, they have to don’t they, I mean after all he’s the league’s star player and their star player, sure the opposition fans will be on his back but that just jealousy after all isn’t it, you can tell me that the ethics of the game is the primary concerns of the fans, winning is……. and with Rodriguez steering the ship they hope good times will return to the team in the pinstripes.

All I would say is that if the Yankees are going to stick with him, there may be a lot of dirty laundry still to come out.

image: © Keith Allison