Civil war at Manchester United over Wayne Rooney ?

Ryan Giggs Head In Hands

Rumours abound in the press than even Wayne Rooney's fellow Manchester United team mates are becoming fed up and angry at his attempts to engineer a move to Chelsea.

In particular a group of senior players, said to include Patrice Evra, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand, are believed to have met with manager David Moyes to express concerns that Rooney's priorities are elsewhere, and a view that he is no longer motivated to play for the team.

At this stage, however, we have no evidence to support the view that the players are becoming frustrated with Rooney. On the contrary, many have recently come out publicly and urged him to stay.

It would also be rather hypocritical of several players to condemn Rooney's attempts to leave the club, given that many moved to Manchester United in the first place from other clubs (like Atlético Madrid, Leeds, Wigan, Monaco, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Spurs and Sunderland) in order to further their own careers. If anything, most of the squad will be able to understand Rooney's frustrations playing second fiddle to Robin van Persie and no longer being a cert for the starting eleven.

If, however, senior players have discussed the matter with Moyes, it was more likely on the basis that no one player is bigger than the club, and that it might be in Manchester United's best interest to draw a line over the affair and let Rooney go - rather than let the issue fester and run the risk of it impacting the dressing room and distracting the club over the coming months. This is very different than the players losing patience with Rooney himself.

The rumours of civil war at Manchester United over Wayne Rooney make good headlines, but the reality is more likely to be that certain club professionals have come together to urge Moyes to look at the bigger picture - and move on.

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