How should Gareth Bale approach Tottenham training?

Gareth Bale is training for Tottenham Hotspur ahead of the new season and he needs to be very careful over the next couple of weeks.

A Real Madrid transfer is still very much on the cards with the Spanish side and Spurs locked in talks. The longer those talks go on, the better chance Tottenham have of keeping him but Andre Villas-Boas must keep a lid on things as far as the training complex is concerned.

Say whatever you like about Bale’s intentions and his apparent desire to leave but not a single bit of his professionalism can be knocked because there would have been other players who would fail to turn up for training, looking to make their position at a club untenable.

It opens up the question of how Bale should approach training with Spurs ahead of the new season, knowing fully well that he may be playing at a different club before the start of the season.

Well his professionalism dictates that he’ll just go about his business as though nothing was going on away from the field, as though there were no questions hanging over his future.

He’s undoubtedly important to Tottenham’s ambitions ahead of the new season so he has to play his part in making those ambitions achievable right up to the point where they no longer apply to him.

He has to do that counting for the possibility that he may stay at Tottenham ahead of the new campaign.

He also has to do that to maintain his current positive relationship with Spurs fans, who will feel bitter either way should he sign a long term deal with Real Madrid.

Bale won’t want to be one of those players who becomes hated and booed any time he goes back to North London because he took a decision to try and advance his own career and he can guard against that through his professionalism.

By not throwing his toys out of the pram, effectively rejecting anything and everything to do with the club, he gives himself a better chance of being able to leave on good terms when the time comes.

He’d look like a bit of an idiot if he didn’t turn up for training, didn’t get himself in good shape because of the Real Madrid links only for that deal to fall through, leaving him unavailable for Spurs’ first Premier League game because he’s unfit.

He’s also got to keep good links with his teammates in training which is very important for the balance of the side and the harmony of the team.

A good parallel are the reports this morning which suggest Wayne Rooney has lost the dressing room at Manchester United, which could make him very isolated if he doesn’t leave the Premier League champions this summer.

It’s exactly the same with Bale. Some players will already have a bit of needle with him for apparently wanting to leave so he needs to maintain good relationships and positive feelings where he can in case any move away falls through.

As things stand he’s training for Spurs ahead of a Premier League season and he deserves praise for his professional attitude.

How do you think Bale should approach training with Spurs?

image: © andybrannan

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