Tusk Trailer - Kevin Smith’s new comedy horror coming in September


Check out Kevin Smith’s bizarre new film inspired by a prank Gumtree post.

Kevin Smith’s latest movie creation, Tusk came about following a joke listing on Gumtree where a landlord was offering free board on the proviso the tennant dressed up and acted like a walrus.

Smith picked up the prank which became the topic on SModcast, a weekly podcast presented by Smith and long-time associate Scott Mosier. The pair fleshed out a hypothetical story based on the Gumtree post, eventually putting it to Twitter as to whether fans wanted to see the  story made into a movie. With an overwhelming response of #WalrusYes on Twitter Smith began working on the film in earnest and penned the screenplay.

Since then the originator of the post, Brighton based poet and prankster Chris Parkinson (himself a fan of Smith’s) has been brought on board as an associate producer.

The film that has evolved will be drawing on performances from Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, and Johnny Depp. The story centres on podcaster Wallace Bryton (Long) who heads to Manitoba, Canada to interview enigmatic man-of-the-sea Mr. Howe (Parks).

As you can see in the trailer below the film takes a sinister angle on the original prank making something of a parody of Human Centipede along the way.


Tusk is set to launch in theatres from September 19th starting in the US.


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