Why are Arsenal so desperate to sign Liverpool's troubled Suarez ?

So Arsenal have upped the ante with Liverpool and bid £40,000,001 in a futile attempt to sign Luis Suarez. But why is it that Arsenal appear to be so desperate to sign this troubled player ?

Sure, 8 years without a trophy is an eternity for Arsenal (especially as the club got used to winning things under manager Arsene Wenger), but a more strange combination of the classy club that is Arsenal and the problem child that is Luis Suarez one couldn't ever imagine.

Arsenal, certainly in the last 17 years (and truthfully for almost their whole history) have tried to do things the right way. Under Wenger, the club has a manager who will respect his contract, a proud history of playing 'the beautiful game', and a financial position to die for. Think of Arsenal and you immediately (even if not a fan) think respect, pride and honour - everything the recent actions of Luis Suarez suggests aren't high on his list of priorities.

Suarez is clearly a top player, and his immense talent (when he plays) is there for all to see, but the guy clearly has baggage; he is a distraction. He can't seem to help himself - trouble appears to be his middle name.

Wenger will knock him into shape, Arsenal fans will doubtless say. But he won't. At the first sign of trouble, Wenger will appeal to the player's sense of responsibility. Yet he'll soon learn that Suarez has none (or certainly that appears to be the case based on his recent behaviour). And what will Wenger do then ? Wenger is a control freak, and faced with an irrational Suarez, he'll soon get shot of him (he'll have no choice).

So let's hear no more of this nonsense about Suarez and Arsenal. It would be a huge gamble for the North London club, and would doubtless end in tears - with Arsenal and the fans paying the price. It's surely time for Arsenal to focus on some more sensible and realistic transfer targets and watch from the sidelines as the car crash that is Luis Suarez continues on its self-destructing journey.

image: © dannymol

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