5 ways bigshots ensure they don't spend too much time on email

Email Simon Stratford

Inbox full of junk, and in danger of electronic overload ? Here's 5 ways big shots ensure that they don't waste too much time ploughing through huge volumes of emails.

1. Read nothing and delete the lot.

2. Delete everything and only respond if an email is resent (if it's urgent, they'll resend, right ?).

3. Only read emails sent to you by those above you in the hierarchy. Delete those sent from those below you in your / other organisations.

4. Have someone else read your emails and forward the most important ones to you.

5. Don't use email at all. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary (and Goldman Sachs CEO) Hank Paulson rarely, if ever, used email. It kept him out of a lot of potential aggro.

All the above are, of course, fraught with danger as you could end up missing that one email that you absolutely had to see. With emails, you see, you're damned if you do - and you are damned if you don't.

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