New Batman: Arkham Origins character revealed

Batman Origins

Batman baddie Copperhead takes the stage at Comic Con.

Warner Bros. has taken advantage of the mega geek gathering in San Diego, the region’s famed Comic Con, to unveil Copperhead as the latest character added into Batman: Arkham Origins.

Acting as one of the eight evil assassins tasked with taking on the Dark Knight, Copperhead was unveiled the fans at a Comic Con panel featuring the upcoming title’s voice actors and developers.

Batman: Arkham Origins is a prequel to the massively successful Batman: Arkham and Batman: Arkham City titles by London-based Rocksteady Studios.

Takng over the reigns this time is WB Games Montreal, which will tell the story of skeletal mob boss Black Mask, who offers a massive reward to the world’s top assassins for killing Batman.

Take a look at Coppehead’s reveal trailer below:

She joins other notable assassins, such as super-marksman and gun-nut Deadshot and genius martial arts expert Deathstroke.

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