Pro-games lobby bigger than NRA

Red Dead Redemption

Entertainment Software Association a physically bigger force than gun fans.

Pro-games lobbyist the Entertainment Software Association reportedly spends more money on influencing the US government than the National Rifle Association.

According to a report by, the ESA spends $4.83 million on lobbying and a further $509,690 in political contributions, meanwhile the NRA spends $1.52 million and $2.98 million respectively.

However, the sleuths at did some investigating that might shed light on how the ESA only technically beats out the NRA.

“You can report everything you do as lobbying, but the requirement to do so is much more limited,” commented Richard Feldman, former NRA political director and currently the head of the Independent Firearm Owners Association.

“If you send money or have a flier urging support of, say, Senate Bill 25, it's lobbying. If you send fliers talking about the issue but not the specific bill, it's not lobbying,” he continued.

“So I might think I'm lobbying. You might think I'm lobbying. But I'm not required to report it unless I'm lobbying for specific legislation.”

Earlier this year, US President Obama announced plans to enable the CDC to investigate the negative effects of violent videogaemes on youngsters, following the post-Sany Hook gun clamp down.

However, Harvard psychologist Dr Cheryl Olson said that researchers shouldn't just look for the negative aspects of gaming.

“Researchers need to be open to the possibility of both harm and benefit,” she told Here Is The City.

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