Lavine plays company matchmaker for BioShock Vita


Irrational Games' boss comments on ongoing development of handheld Rapture game.

Ken Lavine has revealed that he is working to ensure that BioShock Vita eventually sees the light of day.

The Sony handheld outing of the critically lauded adventure through the underwater city of Rapture is still being worked on, Irrational Games' creative head told fans via his Twitter page.

“What's going on with the Vita project? - I talked to both Sony and 2k about it yesterday. Trying to make a match,” he commented.

BioShock Vita was announced in 2011 but it eventually became clear that problems were slowing development, when nearly a year and a half later Lavine explained it was “out of my hands”.

“That is in the hands of business people right now.... I'm just sort of waiting to see what the business people come up with,” he told IGN.

“That's something that I think has a lot of potential. The game idea we have has a lot of potential. It's just a question of if their stars all align.”



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