Valve considers opening UK office


Half-Life developer and Steam owner explores British development scene.

Steam-owner and famed developer Valve Software has reportedly been looking to open a UK games development arm and expand their Luxembourg office.

Perhaps the world's leading independent developer, the Half-Life maker will use its new European branches to focus on expanding its digital distribution platform but may move on to creating new games, according to Develop.

The company supposedly spilled the beans while exhibiting at the Develop Conference in Brighton, with some attendees being let in on the secret.

Valve's Luxembourg studio currently comprises of a five-person team working on Steam but may eventually bloom into a full development arm, with the company eager to take advantage of its central European location to rake in talent across the continent.

Earlier this year, Valve's owner Gabe Newell revealed that the company grew by 50 per cent over 2012.

"Our business has grown by about 50 per cent on the back of the opportunities that have been created by having these open platforms," he commented while collecting the BAFTA fellowship award.

"So people understand the scale of how big it's getting... the last Dota 2 updates we were generating 3.5 terabits per second – that's about 2 per cent of tall the mobile and land-based internet activity."



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