Report: Microsoft aided NSA's snooping

Xbox One

Guardian-obtained documents cast light on Xbox-owner's role in controversial spying case.

Microsoft allegedly collaborated with US intelligence agencies snooping in on its customers communications, going as far as unlocking encryption.

According to files provided by Edward Snowden to the Guardian, Microsoft helped the NSA circumvent its own encryption so that the agency could spy on user's Outlook and Hotmail communications.

Additionally, the company allowed the intelligence group's information gathering database, Prism, access to the cloud storage service SkyDrive and supported the NSA in tripling the amount of Skype calls intercepted.

The revelation from the notorious Snowden could rekindle concerns around Microsoft's Xbox One home console, which at one point required a constant internet connection and still has always on camera attached.

At the very least, this news will dampen the benefit of integrated Skype and SkyDrive features among some users.

Microsoft recently touted the advantages of its console, going as far as saying that small businesses should buy the Xbox One for it's potential work applications.

“Utilize Skype, and the power of group chatting, to have that collaborative exchange with clients and co-workers...” executive Marques Lyons pitched, adding: “For the home business, SkyDrive, snapped with Skype (for example) can make accessing documents for presentation and discussion easy.”

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