The best hedge fund ad slogans on Twitter

Hedge Fund

The news that the SEC will begin allowing hedge fund to publicly advertise has set Twitter ablaze with suggestions on for slogans. Or, as they say on twitter, #hedgefundslogans. Here are some of our favorites.

Some of our favorites:

"Fee all that you can fee."

"Trades great! More billing!"-

"Can't spell hedge fund without F-U-N!"

"You may remember our stock picks on Twitter"

"Please don't squeeze the Ackman"

"Two and Twenty-Somethings"

"Alpha for the rest of us!"

"Come for the survivorship bias-inflated returns, stay for the five year lock-up period."

"Hedged today, gone tomorrow."

"I don't always pay for underperformance, but when I do I pay 2 and 20."

"Real men don't need liquidity"

"I'm a Tepper, You're a Tepper"

They SEC, NFA, and @whitehouse are in our pockets.... Shouldn't you be?

-By CNBC's John Carney. Follow me on Twitter @Carney  

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