Sony US CEO: Gaming's Speilberg to come from indies


SCEA boss attributes creativity and growth to independent developers.

Independent developers are the “Steven Speilbergs” of the games industry, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO Jack Tretton.

When asked why the company had chosen to dedicate a relatively significant amount of its E3 presentation to small independent games, such as Hohokum (pictured above), Tretton responded that it was with indies that most creativity came from.

“Looking back, the fear was always that you'd have a few giant publishers making middle of the road games. But the opposite has happened,” he told CNN.

“Thanks to independent developers and smaller studios, you have the Steven Spielbergs of our industry coming out of one- and two-man teams, out of university development projects, where somebody just has a really creative mind and they come out with a game that maybe doesn't have $100 million, 300-person team polish but is absolute genius.”

The boss of Sony's American arm says that a flourishing independent development sector “bodes extremely well” for the games industry, making it more mainstream and providing “something for everyone”.

Tretton went on to comment about the company's vaunted policy towards digital media, saying that it wasn't up to Sony, or anyone else, to force the issue on consumers.

“The mantra we've always had is 'choice',” he explained.

Sony recently revealed that the digital libraries people build on the PlayStation 4 will not be tied to each machine but can be accessed from anywhere, via the system's play while downloading service.



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