Valve ends Dota 2 beta


Two years of fine tuning come to an end as full game is launched.

Valve has officially launched Dota 2 after two years of beta testing it's revamped competitive online game.

Originally a mod for War Craft III, Valve snapped up one of the game's creators and began development of a more polished product, courting some controversy over copyrighting the formerly public name of DOTA – Defence of the Ancients.

“During a two year beta, Dota 2 grew to be the largest active community on Steam ever, with a monthly user base over 3 million users, and peak concurrent users of over 300,000,” commented the company.

“The feedback from these users has put Dota 2 in position to welcome everyone to come play, as we move from beta to launch.”

Declaring the beta over, gamers were invited to join in the game by visiting the Dota 2 page on Steam where they'll be accepted into the game as the company gradually expands how many people its servers will let on.

Primarily designed as an online competitive team game, Dota 2's championships, The International, currently offers a cash prize of over $2 million.

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