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Laura Hamilton

Looking to start a renovation? We've got a few tips from a pro.

Laura Hamilton's upcoming show, Beat My Build, will be running on Channel 4 this autumn. In each episode, two couples will battle it out renovating their own properties, and the one with the biggest valuation margin wins. So, how do you get the biggest increase in your home's value? Laura put together five tips for HITC.

1. Set and budget and keep a spread sheet to keep on top of your spending. It's very easy to get carried away with a renovation and costs can spiral out of control, so have regular meetings with your builder and input all costs in to the spreadsheet so you can see what is being spent and where.

2. Have a clear on what your renovation is for. Is it for you to live in or are you doing it up to make a bigger profit and sell on or is it going to be kept as a rental investment. The purpose of the renovation will effect how much you spend on bathrooms and kitchens and also the colours you use.

3. Get at least three quotes from builders and make sure you get testimonials from clients they have previously worked. Go and inspect their work - especially if you haven't used them before. Don't give builders money up front. A good builder will usually have accounts at builders merchants to buy materials and they aren't usually needed to be paid for until 30 days.

4. Never attempt to do the electrics or has works to a property unless you are qualified to. You need to use a qualified trades person who can provide you will all the legal documentation you will require.

5. Shop around for materials and look for bargains online. Renovating is fun and its even more satisfying when you can get a good deal on building materials, fixtures, fittings and the soft furnishings too!

Laura presents A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun and A Place in the Sun: Home or Away, on Channel 4 now. Beat My Build will show in Channel 4 this autumn. For updates on Laura's shows, click here.