The best universities for jobs in trading, M&A and risk


Which university should you attend if you want to work for an investment bank in the City of London ?

And, more to the point, which European university will best prepare you for a job in trading, risk management, or M&A in banking ? Based upon detailed analysis of thousands of CVs in the public domain, eFinancialCareers has some answers.

The method

eFinancialCareers cross-referenced banking CVs which are publicly available on the internet with its own list of the universities in Europe that banks most like to hire from. This list was derived from the European universities banks targeted for student visits during the recent 2012 milkround.

They then searched for the number of publicly available CVs for individuals working in banking in the City of London who graduated from each of the universities on our list. And then they looked at how many of them said they were working in risk, trading, or mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

There are some interesting conclusions to be drawn from the rankings.

Firstly: if you want to work in banking in the City of London, you’re clearly better off attending the London School of Economics, Imperial College or Cass than you are attending Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Secondly: the Italian university Bocconi punches above its weight in London banking circles.

Thirdly: both Birmingham and Loughborough Universities are unexpectedly big sources of London bankers.However, while Birmingham is great for risk jobs it’s very unlikely to land you a job in the front office in M&A or trading. Loughborough University seemingly funnels plenty of people into trading, but this should be taken with a pinch of salt – we suspect that many of the Loughborough graduates are actually going into trade support roles.

Hit the link below to see the best universities for jobs in trading, M&A and risk:

The best universities for jobs in trading, M&A and risk

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