GameStop sold out of PS4 pre-orders

PS4 Console

High demand has forced the US retailer to turn away customers.

US retail behemoth GameStop has revealed that it will no longer be taking pre-orders for Sony's PlayStation 4 following high demand.

Confirming the news to its own magazine GameInformer, the company has acted according to a plan revealed in an internal memo last month which said it would only be able to keep open the “flood gates” of unlimited orders while Sony agrees to it.

“Due to high demand for the system, GameStop is not currently taking additional store reservations for the PlayStation 4,” the company said in a statement.

The company's website also lists the PS4 pre-orders as being sold out but is accepting e-mail addresses to issue alerts when the console is available again.

Sony rode high following the initial reveal of its console and that of chief rival Microsoft, the latter of which was hampered by unpopular DRM requirements and embarrassing U-turns.

However, Microsoft has since reversed its policy on many of the unpopular aspects of its Xbox One console and could yet overtake the resurgent Sony.


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