Time for ALL of Britain to get behind Andy Murray as he bids to become Wimbledon champion

Could this finally be the year we get our first post-war Wimbledon singles champion?

What a weekend of British sport we could have on our hands. On Saturday, on a warm Sydney evening, the British and Irish Lions romped to victory against Australia to claim a long overdue Lions Tour victory and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

And on Sunday we could finally have a British Wimbledon champion.

I am a child of the Tim Henman era.

Before the age of baseline rallying and the extinction of serve and volley I can remember perching up with my dinner on the kitchen stool catching ‘Today At Wimbledon’ with the hope of Henman Hill erupting into mass hysteria.

I remember the disappointment. Sampras, Philippoussis, Ivanisevic, Soderling; Henman for all his likeable English charm never got to a final.

Then a scrawny teenager by the name of Andy Murray came through the ranks. With his curly hair tied up in a Fred Perry hat we immediately saw that this young man had all the talent to one day go all the way.

Yet, after he poleaxed Jerzy Janowicz in the semi-final, I found myself amazed by some of the reaction on social media.

‘Anyone but Murray’ or ‘I hope Novak beats that miserable Scot’.

And I found myself thinking; what is wrong with Great Britain.

As a Scot he isn’t English and has made that clear with some unfortunate comments in the past but he is still British.

Last summer he won us a gold medal in scintillating fashion and you can see how much it means to him to play tennis in front of the Centre Court crowd; and should he manage to stop the one-man tennis machine that is Novak Djokovic, himself a very popular player at SW19, he will pump his fists and raise those hands to the air as a Brit not a Scot.

On Saturday the entire United Kingdom was just that, united, as our best Rugby players sauntered to a historic victory.

Sure the Welsh contingent played a massive role in the conquest but what about O’Brien, Corbisiero, Sexton; this was a combined effort and that is what we should have at 14:00 today when Murray bids to become the first British champion since 1936.

Yes he is something of a miserable, anti-social Scot and I guess that is probably why I like him, because I am also all those things, but most of all I like the fact that he is unapologetic, driven, successful and most of all destined to one day win Wimbledon.

Will it be today? I am not sure; but if it is, I do not for one second believe that every Brit in this land will not have a wry smile in celebration.

Even if they don’t want to admit it.

Come on Andy!

image: © carine06