Double Fine seeks more money for Kickstarter success story

Broken Age

Adventure-game developer plans to sell early access to crowd-funded title.

Double Fine has revealed that it needs to seek more money for its crowd-funded adventure title, Broken Age, despite already receiving more than 8 times its proposed budget from fans on Kickstarter.

Company boss Tim Schafer explained that Double Fine will look to sell early access to the game on Steam to fund finishing off the project, saying that he over designed the adventure title.

“I designed too much game, as I pretty much always do,” he admitted, describing the realization as a shocking experience.

Schafer said he faced two unappealing options, to seek extra funding or to cut out nearly 75% of the planned game.

Reluctantly, Double Fine says it decided on the former option, choosing to offer up the first half of its game to the general public via Steam's $30 early-access scheme in January 2014, with the final half of Broken Age to come out in 2015.

Originally dubbed “Double Fine Adventure”, the Kickstarter project received enthusiastic support from fans, with supporters pledging more than $3 million over the $400,000 target.

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