Cut it out, Rory, and grind it out!

Bending clubs seems to be Rory McIlroy's new trademark. But hardly a charming one.

Rory McilroyIt's getting tiresome to look at Rory McIlroy bending his clubs when things don't go his way. Two reasons why:

1) It's not a part of the behavour on a golf course.
2) That's not what a role model to young players teaches others.

Besides, it seem a little shallow when nothing else the world's #2 does on a golf course there days signal any sort of will power.

You might find this statement to harsh? Maybe it's about time. On course McIlroy move with an "I don't care" stature that was boyish at first, but now that stature seems to reflect the attitude of the kid who used to be #1 in the world, got a great contract and then gave up trying.

One thing is, if McIlroy had a form problem, but what's going on is an attitude problem. Stop acting like a spoiled kid and fire the agents that got you one of the most lucrative deals in sports history. Stop spending time setting up your own dad as your agent. Stop traveling around after your girlfriend who also seems to squander her career away, because she won't take advice from others than her dad, who has never played tennis. And, please, stop bending those clubs! Don't anyone tell you these things don't work in your favor?

It's a fact. Former world number one i tennis, when all the best players was out with injuries, Caroline Wozniacki, is not a great inspiration for a young lad who has the game to be the best golfer in the world. Wozniacki has never had the game to be number one, with her best peers at the top of the game, but McIlroy have. However, he seems to have adopted the spoiled and immature attitude towards his craft that his girlfriend has toward hers. "I know better, and don't no one tell me I could do otherwise and better".

McIlroy has been in slums before, but not like this. Coming late to a Ryder Cup single (how is that even possible???) and almost not make it to the tee in time, is so sloppy and self centered, and when you are paid millions to play tournaments where you spend more time talking to your girlfriend during the game than focusing on the task at hand, it begins to look like a pattern of indifference towards your job and career. When you leave a tournament, just because things don't go your way or a domestic couples problem bothers you, it IS a pattern. A slippery slope.

Are you having problems with the game, Rory? Felling pressure? Talk about pressure with the guy you left on the course that day on the ninth on the PGA Tour. Ernie Els know all about pressure. Having a son with autism is pressure. Getting back from an injury at the same time is pressure. Bending clubs and walking around like a sulking kid, is just called having an attitude problem, Rory. Snap out of it.

This will be hard, though.

Most of the time, when McIlroy fail to play anywhere near to his average standard, he grabs the next flight out of town to go watch his girlfriend loose in the first or second round of a tennis tournament. Training could be a better idea, and this week in Ireland he just might do that, even though Wozniacki lost in the second round of Wimbledon and is free to play.

Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy. Both former #1 in the world in their sport, but both hitting rock bottom. Both having the attitude: "What do I care?"

Fact is, Wozniacki should be happy if she ever makes it back into top 10 in the world. McIlroy has the game to return to full power, but he won't get back to his former level if he does not start to surround himself with capable people. Right now he has done like his girlfriend and put his farther in charge. That's really smart. His girlfriend's dad has never played competitive tennis and his own farther has never run a management agency, dealing with millions of dollars. And when people question these actions along with the fact that nothing works on court and course, these youngsters just shake their heads.

Wozniacki has gotten the best out of her career, but McIlroy's has just started. So start grinding it out, Rory. Nobody else is doing it for you.

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