11 Things That Happened This Day In History - 25th June

Michael Jackson with the Reagans

Here is a note of 11 things that happened on this day in history

1. 1870 - Spain's Queen Isabella abdicates in favor of Alfonso XII

2. 1903 - George Orwell is born

3. 1950 - North Korean troops invade South Korea

4. 1943 - Major General Dwight D. Eisenhower takes command as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe

5. 1963 - George Michael is born 

6. 1967 - The Beatles record All You Need Is Love

7. 1974 - The Labour Government admits Britain exploded a nuclear device in the United States a few weeks before

8. 1983 - America's first woman in space, Sally Ride, returns safely in the Challenger space shuttle after a six-day flight

9. 1991 - Croatia and Slovenia proclaims independence from Yugoslavia

10. 1993 - Kim Campbell takes office as Canada's first woman Prime Minister

11. 2009 - Michael Jackson, lifelong musician, pop singer, and superstar, dies at age 50

Source: BBC, Wikipedia, historyorb.com, infoplease.com, history.co.uk, brainyhistory.com, on-this-day.com, thepeopleshistory

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