Glen Keith Is Back

The Bonded Warehouse

Will record-breaking profits in the Scots food and drink sector mean more capital for some of Scotland’s forgotten and furlough?

It was reported earlier in the year that whisky exports had helped grow the Scots Food and Drink market to £5.4 billion. Now the Scottish government has just announced new grants worth over £5 million for distillery projects.

Adelphi is among the lucky whisky companies to have been awarded money; the Argyll drinks company intends to build a new ‘green’ distillery, which will help local farmers profit from by-products after distillation. John Fergus and Co. will make use of their award to build a micro distillery and warehouse in Glenrothes, and the Falkirk Whisky Company will use their £444,403 to meet costs in Polmont.

The economic boom means that Glen Keith is now back in business thanks to investment from Chivas Regal. Chivas has responded to worldwide demand for the Speyside Glen Keith who closed its doors 14 years ago. Chivas announced that a new distillery is to be built at Carron on the River Spey and will open in 2014.

But one pervading question in light of these new monetary awards is whether enough is being spent.

Many whisky writers have waxed elegiac over those silent distilleries seemingly ignored and left to rot in the wilderness; and as profits continue to role in, perhaps the government could be doing more.

Whisky fans want more stories like Glen Keith because it is a real sign of economic strength, and above all, progress.

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