Maximus Blogimus

Man With Megaphone Bartek Ambrozik

There are many reasons to blog. Just make sure that if you do, it works.


All human beings feel the need to connect in some form or another, to feel they are not alone. Blogging offers the reader an intimate insight into the mind of its writer, and offers the writer a chance to reach out to people they might not otherwise know.

Share Your Content

Without being obsessive, try to keep sharing your content throughout the day, but always add a twist. If first you used the title verbatim in a comment on Twitter, share it on Facebook two hours later with another comment or a reference to someone’s reaction.

The Details of How

Include “Like, Tweet, and “Pin it” buttons -- whatever you feel will include readers everywhere. Getting readers actively involved in your posts, sparking up conversations, inspiring them to share your content and even commenting on their Facebook walls or Twitter pages will ensure the word is being spread.


Google+ should also be on your list of concerns, because everything that is written down on it will be directly indexed by its mother search engine. Try writing a small but witty commentary that will get readers interested or intrigued, or works as a discussion starter.

Target Audiences

Groups within social networks are something you should be concerned about. Sharing quality content is essential, yes, but sharing it with a target audience is as important. Try using a catchy teaser of a comment that will get the ball rolling on groups you are an active member of and have similar interests or discuss the same topics you are focused on. It takes one person to react and you’ve created a chain reaction. You should aim for people who are actively involved in the online community, and who have a large number of subscribers.

Guest posts

Another way to push content is with the help of more content. This can be done by interlinking related articles on your blogs, or with the help of posting on related sites. If you don't have time to do this, you can always hire someone with a blog posting service to help get your links out there.

These steps may seem like a lot at first but, they'll provide your posts with excellent coverage, and they'll make your work reach more people. Being new at this, I would encourage you to start small, with maybe 1 or 2 steps, and once you’ve gotten familiar with those, simply add additional steps as you move along. It will make all the difference.