Let’s Talk Prints And Patterns


This year’s print trend has “adventurous” written all over it. It combines everything that’s right with the fashion world: energy, dynamism and pushing the limits. Here’s a guide to the graphics and motifs that’s caught the fashion world’s attention this season.

Dressing up in prints should not be missed out on. It’s fun and casual, and adds colour and oomph to your outfit. Plus, it’s a great way to voice your unique fashion personality. If you’re a little hesitant as to how it applies to you, here are the answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about wearing prints and patterns.

Which prints are hot?

The following prints and patterns have received a lot of attention on and off the runway this season. You’re guaranteed to see them in the collections of your favourite stores and designers.


Aztec prints, belonging to the larger “tribal prints” family, are all the rage right now. Inspired by age-old South American decorations, this print is characterized by simple diagonals, crinkle cut patterns and lots of colour.

Pr1 Copy


This print captures a feeling of limitlessness. Think of images of far-away galaxies with their black holes and smudgy lights against a dark, yet luminous, backdrop. The Milky Way has never looked as good as on a pair of thigh-hugging leggings.

Pr2 Copy

Hot icons

Yes, modern society has progressed to a point where even simple icons and symbols can enjoy hot status. Think about the raging popularity of the moustache, the pair of hipster glasses, bird silhouettes, anchors, bows, and the newest addition – the cross. Get your hands on any piece of clothing with motifs made up of these little symbols.


Do we ever get tired of floral prints? In spring and summer especially, floral never fails to captivate us. Whether it’s on a dress or a skirt or even on a pair of Doc Martens – our love affair with floral prints are far from over.


This is a trend that is best displayed on T-shirts, and has gained popularity in the last decade. Think old Hollywood icons, Marshal Comics’ heroes, political figures, and big brands. It’s a trend that evolves as society evolves, and has become a playground for both nostalgia and satire.


Whether it’s leopard, zebra, peacock or tiger; animal print loves to grab the spotlight. It’s especially popular on shoes and accessories.

Pr3 Copy

How do I wear prints?

The great thing about this trend is that it’s not limited to certain types of clothing. With the advances in digital printing, any element of your outfit can sport one of these stunning prints. As a rule of thumb, pair up a printed item with plain white or black, and tone down the accessories. You can also wear a print in a subtle way, like on a pair of shoes, a belt, a scarf, or even as nail art! If you like the idea of pop-art, it can be as easy as pairing a Jack & Jones T-shirt with your favourite jeans.

If you’re up for it, however, wearing prints can be a great way to make a statement. The more vivid the visual, the more simple the clothing. Go for loose-fitting garments or something that comfortably fits your silhouette. Sidestep tight or stretchy fabrics, and don’t mix prints.

Does anything go?

Unfortunately not. There are a few prints that are taking a back seat this year. Avoid blending in with your gran’s wallpaper by giving “vintage” prints a miss. While you’re at it, stay away from Hawaiian motifs and cocky T-shirts like “you looked good from far away” that were big in the early 2000’s.

Turn a few heads today by making the most of print and patterns. Be adventurous, and have fun!

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