Ray Allen the clincher in 103-100 Overtime win for Heat to take Spurs to Game Seven

AA Arena Heat

Miami Heat fought back to take the NBA Finals to a winner takes all Game Seven.

The San Antonio Spurs must have thought they had done it. 10 points up at the end of the third, they just needed to close it out in the final quarter to claim the NBA Championship.

Against the Miami Heat, that's easier said than done.

For when LeBron James takes his headband off, to coin a phrase - 'you know this s*** gets serious'.

They ended the third like a beaten team, stripped of their aura of invincibility earlier in the season which saw them go on an incredible 27-game winning streak.

San Antonio's organised defence made it difficult for Heat to stretch and find gaps, and play their usual destructive game.

But from somewhere, they found it within themselves to claw the deficit back. A turning point was when the superb Tim Duncan saw his shot blocked  by LeBron James who took the ball up the other end of the court to score a lay-up.

That moment of magic seemed to have an effect on the Heat, even if it would actually effect LeBron James in a negative manner.

He started to believe it was time to carry the team on his back, and do it on his own, but became more erratic in the face of double-teaming, shooting wildly and seeing a key pass intercepted underneath the hoop.

Fortunately for him Chris Bosh also stepped up, making several key rebounds offensively and defensively, before Ray Allen became the clincher.

With Heat needing three to tie the game in the final seconds, LeBron got crowded out and lost the ball, which Bosh rebounded and passed swiftly to Allen.

Allen who was signed last off-season as Heat's big acquisition, proved his worth by stepping up when it mattered to hit the three to take the game to overtime.

Another topsy turvy finale beckoned, which Allen was able to clinch the victory with two high pressure free-throws to put the game beyond doubt at 103-100 in the final moments.

A rapturous American Airlines Arena celebrated, but it wasn't like the end of Game Six last year when they clinched the Championship.

They have to do it all again in the early hours of Friday morning, back in Miami. The bar for what to be expect has been set incredibly high. Game Six was one of the greatest NBA Finals contests in recent years and the decider should be a treat.

How will this affect San Antonio, will their veterans have the legs for one last push, or did they blow their big chance? We can't wait to find out...